Plastic Machined Parts

We design all our plastic machined parts to survive the test of time thanks to the future-proof and long-lasting nature of plastic, given the wide range of possible industrial application for our parts. Additionally, it is also possible to heat, treat and machine components into a bespoke range of engineering plastic components that fulfil your every need.

Over many years, we have gained increasing understanding of harnessing the benefits of plastics and the enhancements of machining equipment to create lasting plastic parts. Plastic machined parts could be standard engineering plastics, such as polycarbonate or higher-spec materials such as PEEK, amongst many others, which can be used in a broad range of industries and markets.

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What are the benefits of Machined plastics?

  • More weather-resistant than metal with higher resistance against rust and corrosion. Additives can be added to provide additional protection against harmful UV rays.
  • Higher resistance against many chemical compounds, enabling use in solution tanks.
  • Durable, stable and strong structure to withstand high impacts and reduce dents.

Bespoke Plastic Machining

Using CNC machining processes is the only practical and comprehensive process to quickly produce plastic machined parts in a short timeframe, whether in metal or plastic. Depending on your material of choice, there are multiple tool sets that are available to be used on efficient cutters. Depending on the parts that are being manufactured, 3 and 5 axis machines can be used.

To realise the extensive range of applications, it is most effective to provide a sample which can be effortlessly converted into a CAD file for the CNC processes. This allows us to give the greatest flexibility possible to produce uniquely-shaped parts in diverse shapes and sizes.

What do I need to do? All you need to do is conveniently upload a CAD file from machining software, pick a material that suits you and then you can leave the rest up to us. The entire process, from beginning to end, can be effortlessly performed in less than 50% of the time that traditional plastic manufacturing processes.

Precision Machined Parts

Do you think that plastic parts lack detail? Think again as we can manufacture a broad range of precision machined parts that are designed to fulfil your unique requirements. Typical plastic machined component parts can include PolyMethyl Methacrylate, Polycarbonate, PolyOxyMethylene, Polypropylene and PolyEtherlmide, amongst many others. If you want to ensure optimal cost-effectiveness, machining these plastic components in small to medium-sized batch quantities is the best way to ensure high quality at a low cost.

We strive to offer enormous flexibility, utilising the latest CAD software to avoid the heavy tooling costs of other processes. By using advanced software, this gives us the capacity to easily alter the design and dimensions of components, without incurring additional expensive costs.

What Are The Benefits Of Precision Machined Parts?


  • Enables complicated designs to be quickly realised at a low cost
  • Minimises waste, reducing environmental impact
  • Highly adaptable with aerospace, defence, engineering and communications applications
  • Advanced software significantly reduces possible errors, reducing production costs
  • Improved efficiency: rapidly scales up production scale and productivity
  • Able to create hundreds of components effortlessly with the touch of a button
  • Eliminates danger to humans as parts can be easily manufactured using computers

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