Nylon Parts

Nylon is one of the most common plastic used in everyday industry, and can be made into pretty much anything. You probably have a nylon part not far from you now. The two common grades of nylon are Nylon 6 and Nylon 6/6 (although many more options are available), and these are transformed into everything from bearings, nuts, bolts and cable ties right the way through to personal care products and sports equipment. The opportunities for manufacturing custom nylon parts truly are endless.

Nylon parts are low cost and can be precision engineered to the tightest tolerances, and is incredibly versatile. The material is hard wearing and has high resistance to corrosion, abrasion and other contaminants. Nylon parts are also lightweight yet tough: and when manufactured together with the ease of machining, extruding, moulding and casting, it could be considered an ideal manufacturing material.

Plastic Machined Parts

Specialists in Nylon Machined Parts

Modern plastics have the unique capability of applying cast nylon to custom mill shapes, reducing costs dramatically. It is possible to manufacture nylon parts together with custom CNC processes, and several industries are utilising the effects, such as aerospace, automotive and hospitality. Combining these processes together allows maximum versatility and flexibility, whilst also being hardwearing.

The exceptional durability and wear properties of nylon make it one of, if not, the most widely used plastics across the globe. It frequently sits in for bronze, brass, aluminium and steel, as well as other metals, plastics, wood and rubber. Additionally, it has an elasticity to it, and is rarely distorted with high temperatures. It can withstand contact with all sorts of chemicals, and has high impact resistance.

Custom Made Nylon Parts

The nylon parts themselves are manufactured in a completely controlled environment, and is readily available in custom sizes of rod, sheet and tubular bar, for which a large selection of tooling is already to be manufactured into your parts. The process works best with the most intricate of parts, composed of less than 100 pieces. The component should have a continuous temperature in use environment (-40 to 93 degrees), and a finished part would be around 4 ounces up to a maximum of around 800lbs, which is roughly equivalent to a large steel part.

Nylon Parts Available In Any Colour & Shape You Require

Nylon can be easily manufactured into filaments (useful for 3D printing), fibres (for fabrics), films (for packaging) and is an injection mould-able material. Nylon parts are in everything, and that doesn’t look to change any time soon.

Nylon stock is most commonly an off-white colour, and commonly available in black and white (but can also be dyed into virtually any colour), and can be customised into any shape.

The CNC process facilitates easy prototyping of custom nylon parts using CAD software, so even if you think it isn’t possible to manufacture your required part, it almost certainly is!

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