CNC Machining

What services do we provide? At Vaplas, we specialise in providing CNC Machining Services and producing custom plastic and aluminium parts that fulfil the bespoke requirements of our customers. We offer a wide range of CNC Machining Services using advanced equipment, whether you need turning, milling, cutting, drilling, gears, rollers, EDM, wire EDM, surface grinding and much more. By using the latest technologies, we can offer high quality parts that can be matched to any batch size or product.

What Is CNC Machining?

As a subtractive manufacturing process, CNC Machining removes raw material using precise cutting tools to manufacture a product or part. At Vaplas, we use advanced software to control our CNC Machining equipment according to your bespoke design specifications. Our experienced team of engineers and machinists are equipped with the skills needed to program the equipment to ensure optimal cutting time and a high-quality surface finish that meets your requirements. As well as manufacturing prototypes and parts, we can use CNC machining to also create mould tools, which can be used for our plastic injection moulding or pressure die casting services.


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What are the advantages of CNC Machining?

CNC Machining can meet a range of your product development needs using precision machining:

CNC Turned Parts

At Vaplas, our CNC turning process ensures that we can provide quality turning of both plastics and metals in a short turnaround time. Our turning process can support complex external geometries with a high capacity that is available for prototypes through to low-volume production.

Vaplas Part

CNC Milled Parts

We use a refined process to apply a machined surface finish on metal or plastic materials, which is especially useful for creating complex 3D shapes.

EDM / Wire EDM And Surface Grinding

EDM (electrical discharge machining) allows us to cut holes, pockets and other distinct shapes into solid steel, as well as applying a surface texture to the internal cavities of mould tools.

To achieve this, we use a sacrificial electrode in an electrolyte bath to discharge a high-powered electric spark to erode the hardest of materials that would otherwise be too difficult or even impossible to do with any other method. We are particularly adept at using this method to create square pocket holes. With wire EDM, we continuously feed a wire between two spools. When electrically charged, we can cut through hardened tool steels quickly and accurately.

At Vaplas, we also offer surface grinding services, which involves holding the workpiece stationary on a horizontal plate. We control the surface grinding wheel using computer controls to precisely graze the workpiece to an appropriate depth.

CNC Machinists

Being established since 1993, our expert team have grown their expertise in achieving the highest quality results for the lowest cost. This has enabled us to build strong, lasting and positive relationships with a wide range of customers by providing excellent CNC machining and parts to all of our clients.

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