Our daily lives are changing at a rapid pace right now, and when we can all get back to normal, it will be a new “normal”.
We are likely to need to give ourselves and people around us more space to go about our daily jobs. This won’t come easy to many of us and we may need reminding.
If you work in an environment where people need to adhere to the 2-metre rule, then these standalone social distancing signs in Burnley
will make it clearer for people to see what’s required and serve as a reminder to keep their distance and keep their hands clean.
Made with a robust zinc-plated steel structure and a printed Vinyl foam top, our social distancing signs in Burnley stand almost 2metres tall with a double sided 40cm lollipop sign and a bulk fill hand sanitise dispenser (sanitiser gel can be bought separately).
Front board reads Hand Sanitiser Zone, and reverse is a reminder of social distancing rules.
Each social distancing signs in Burnley comes with a 5yr guarantee on the zinc plating from weather conditions if placed outside and has 3x 10mm fastening places.
£200 per single piece
£175 per piece qty 10+
£150 per piece qty 25+
If you’d like to place an order for social distancing signs in Burnley, please contact the office on 01924 220050 or email us your enquiry
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