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Plastic CNC Milling in Staffordshire – Efficient and Accurate

The manufacturing industries rely increasingly heavily on Plastic CNC Milling in Staffordshire processes controlled by computers, due to the many advantages over more traditional processes. This has meant that engineer-operated equipment is decreasing in popularity.

Amongst many reasons, Plastic CNC Milling in Staffordshire is often chosen due to its higher efficiency and accuracy, as well as being capable of cutting bespoke shapes with relative ease. It is also pretty fast, in some cases having as little as a couple of days turnaround from initial design through to development and production, and is effortlessly scalable to large quantities of items, (previously produced with a router or grinder) making it ideal for small and large businesses alike.

There is also a financial gain to be had, due to the speed and efficiency of the machines, a high quantity of superior products can be gained, and one technician can man several machines. The most common method of plastic milling is CNC Machining in Staffordshire. This stands for ‘Computer Numerical Control’, meaning that a computer converts a design drawing or schematic plan into a numerical sequence using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software.

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It is possible to further enhance the customisation options by using additional axis, to give greater control and flexibility to the machine. A 3 axis CNC Milling machine provides functionality for precision cutting, routing, Plastic CNC Milling in Staffordshire and engraving operations in both 2D and 3D, on a myriad of materials.

This technology has been used in every industry from construction to cookery due to the sheer variety of options available and flexibility therein. A 5 axis Plastic CNC Milling machine is additionally capable of production trimming of thermoformed plastic parts, and to create your own bespoke moulds directly from CAD data, so your design can be truly unique, and to save the hassle of recutting. These models utilise a full 5 axis co-ordinate motion to give a completely bespoke design and end product.

The numbers are in-putted as coordinates from the design, and a CNC machine uses these coordinates in order to control the movement of the cutter, creating any shapes you require in order to realise the design – everything from basic rectangles and triangles, to a spiral or even a unicorn, the CNC machine can cut out pretty much anything you like. The X, Y and Z axes control the movement of the CNC machine, allowing appropriate materials to be used as inputs in any one of three directions, further facilitating the custom nature of Plastic CNC Milling.

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