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So what is plastic routing?


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Plastic routing refers to a type of machine that is used to manufacture a specific plastic component. We know plastic routing isn't easy with problems such as welding and poor finish.

Here at Vaplas, we have a CNC plastic routing machine and cutting tables which means we are able to cut almost any shape from plastic sheets of varying thickness. We understand that you need that right tool for the job but that it also needs to be applied correctly.

Whether it is an individual component or a large batch, we can help. All components that use require plastic routing are tested to the highest of grades, certified and inspected before being delivered and installed.

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Why choose Vaplas?

Vaplas are a team of skilled engineers and manufacturers of plastic components, supplying to a wide range of industries and companies across the UK.

Need to know more or have a question about our plastic routing?

We're more than happy to help. Please contact one of the experts at Vaplas to discuss your requirements. They will talk through the options with plastic routing, feeling confident that we'll have a solution to match your needs. You can contact them by calling 01924 220 050.

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